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Pengasas Raudhah College

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Mohd Fadzil Hashim, may not be an educator by training but he has plenty of faith in the services he offers at his private education centre.

In fact, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brainy Bunch Sdn Bhd is so convinced by the quality of the centre’s education that he has enrolled his own children there. Before officially launching Raudhah College in 2019, En. Mohd Fadzil Hashim was focusing on his core education platform, Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori.

Over the years, his efforts have not only grown Brainy Bunch from a daycare centre in 2008 to 105 centres nationwide and subsequently Raudhah College, but they have also won him the Platinum award for Best Brand at the Star Outstanding Business Awards 2016.

Mohd Fadzil Hashim’s branding strategy revolves around creating a positive customer experience by ensuring that his staff is properly trained and that its educational content meets the right standards. This gives customers confidence in Brainy Bunch and Raudhah College. Having a background in sales certainly helped him build his brand, Mohd Fadzil Hashim had worked as a sales director at DELL Inc. But after 15 years, he decided to start out on his own. “I could continue my career but I wanted to do more, something more impactful for the society,” he says. In 2008, he started a training consultancy to train entrepreneurs and looked around for companies to acquire and groom. His acquisitions varied from nasi lemak kiosks to a cattle farming business. Most of his acquisitions did not pan out well, but a kindergarten he acquired in Kajang in 2008 somehow endured. Mohd Fadzil was at a loss, he had no background in running a kindergarten and wasn’t sure about what he could do. But he drew inspiration from an Islamic Montessori kindergarten in Shah Alam which two of his children were attending then and decided to change the learning system at his Kajang kindergarten. Subsequently, Brainy Bunch expanded its offerings to elementary school students in 2013 due to demand from parents. The centres offered Cambridge-certified programmes for elementary school students and included programmes for secondary school students in 2015. The expansion continued until Brainy Bunch entered the tertiary education line by introducing Raudhah College in January 2019. With over 7,000 students in their kindergartens and 1000 students in their elementary and high schools, Brainy Bunch has undoubtedly grown from its humble roots. Apart from its 105 centres nationwide, it also has two centres in Singapore and two in Indonesia. It also has a charity school in Gaza, Palestine. Mohd Fadzil has a vision to achieve one million students by year 2030.

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