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Are We In A Right Way In Early Childhood Curriculum Framework?

Choosing a preschool for children is not an easy task for parenthood. There are always challenges and issues that need to be taken into consideration objectively so that children can have a great environment and good curriculum in school. Many issues need to be addressed by parents when choosing a preschool for their children. It should be noted, it involves the design to get all the benefits and achievements of the future of their children and the amount of costs to be paid (Kamarulzaman Kamaruddin, Nordin Mamat & Abdul Rahim Razalli, 2017).

Malaysia has been implying a good curriculum in early childhood after having many studies, involving ministries and experts just to make sure children in 4 to 6 years old receive meaningful learning in preschool. Moreover, preschool enrollment become easier when it becomes an optional between private or public preschool. Parents have their own alternative and choose preschool according to their financial status. A series of policy and practice has been use in developing early childhood curriculum framework which is does help in parents decision making (Lindsey Stillman, Kate Hurd, Charles Kieffer, Jamie Taylor & Britton Gibson, 2016).

Despite parents targeting children entering preschool, there is another problem occurred where school and kindergarten need to provide a good curriculum. Sometimes, curriculum need an improvised and amended accordingly. The private and public sector have their own goals way they run their programs. For instance, when it comes to learning and teaching, the private sector has more defined and versatile curriculum and goals (Camilla Hedman, 2015). As we know, the public sector is more focused on the social development and uses only Malay as the language for teaching meanwhile private preschool offered varies language medium.

ge 1: A Right To Preschool For All

Source: News Straits Times Malaysia newspaper.

Creating bonding and engagement between teacher and children is not an easy job because teacher must have various skills. Furthermore, teachers all over countries works really hard just to make sure that children are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed in the 21st century world. Listed below are six strategies early childhood teachers are currently using in classrooms to prepare kids for the boundless future ahead recommended by Bevin Kateri Reinen (2015).

  1. Integrated technology

  2. Cooperative learning structures

  3. Differentiated instruction

  4. Goal setting

  5. Coss curriculum teaching

  6. Assessment for learning

Teaching can be a challenging career if teachers do not know how to speak children language. Are early childhood education teachers doing the right thing? Are teachers have a good quality in implementing teaching approaches and methods? The six strategies given can be done if preschool and kindergarten have a passion and multi talented teacher. If we can relate into Ecological Systems Theory (Psychology Notes HQ, 2019), children will experience different environments as they grow up. Chronosystem shows variations of way children may act in different settings because of time changing. As we reach the 21st century world, school and teacher should be well prepared and willing to learn new approaches so that teacher can create meaningful and fun learning environment.

In conclusion, while parents struggling making comparison in choosing a good preschool, school institutions need to emphasize teachers and educators’ role either new or experienced teacher. We are aware that the aspirations of the Malaysian Education Blueprint 2013-2025 can be given as a guide and motivate the transforming power of the ideal cannot be achieved or be solved without a comprehensive plan of action to correct the situation in preschool. Common program and curriculum existing are good enough to be used but a bit changes suits chronosystem will be a good exposure to children as teachers need to speak children’s language. It can be valuable to help educators to know that they should proactively explore various processes in getting to know children. Although challenges won’t stop, it can be a meaningful and helpful to parents.

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